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Specializing in Technical Dive Instruction and Customized Travel Excursions since 2007


Our flexible approach and professional staff accommodate all diving courses from entry-level scuba, to Advanced / Hypoxic Trimix.  

 Whether we hit a 30 foot reef or a 300 foot wreck, we strive for safety and adventure to fulfill your soul.    

Triton Abyss Diving is all about professionalism and customer service.  We know you have options when it comes to dive training so we pride ourselves in the level of detail that goes into our staff instruction and training programs.  Never been in the ocean before?  Nervous about breathing underwater?  No worries, Triton Abyss has you covered.  We work with new divers of all ages to overcome personal challenges and apprehension.  Your safety is our number one priority, and your comfort level dictates the pace of the course.    

The Sea is Calling...

What we do...


Triton Abyss offers recreational, technical, and professional scuba certifications through PADI, SDI/TDI, and SSI!  

  Course options range from Open Water Diver - Advanced Trimix (Hypoxic).  

Triton Abyss Diving also provides participant and Instructor-level training in CPR, First Aid, and AED for adult, child, and infant for all ages and requirements (diver or not).  

 As divers, we understand that each diver is unique in skill set and needs, so we make customization our business.  All courses are tailored to meet your availability and educational requirements.   

Where we are...


  Triton Abyss Diving is based out of Homestead, Florida.  There are miles of reef and dozens of wrecks within a short driving distance.   


 We love getting out on the water with our clients, so we don't operate a traditional brick and mortar store - we focus on training and travel.   

Looking for local adventure as part of your course, or just want some recommendations for your next dive?  No problem.  Give us a call so we can help you set up your next trip.  Our service area includes as far North as Pompano Beach, and as far South as Key West in the Florida Keys.  This flexibility enables us to offer a wide range of Technical dive offerings with loads of wrecks to choose from all over FL.

 Looking for something more exotic?  Triton Abyss Diving also specializes in group travel with a personalized touch.  We organize and lead our group trips complete with an instructor for all your dive training needs.  Locally, we partner with several reputable dive centers to bring you a larger selection of travel options than we can offer alone.  If you have a particular destination in mind, let us know.  Whether you're looking for an all-inclusive dive resort, or an off-the-beaten path adventure, we can set it up, or connect you with one of our partners.  

Let us help you discover the beauty and excitement of the ocean.   




Triton Abyss Diving offers:

  • Personalized training and instruction for technical and recreational divers
  • Instructor-lead group travel
  • Custom itineraries and courses
  • CPR, first-aid, and AED instruction
  • Professional-level (Instructor) training options:  SSI XR Extended Range Nitrox or SSI XR Extended Range Instructor; PADI Divemaster; Emergency First Response Instructor (CPR, AED, First Aid)


Multiple Training Agency Options

Are all of your certifications with a single agency and you want to stay within that agency for continued growth?  Or are you looking to change Agencies to expand your knowledge base?  No problem!  Triton Abyss Diving teaches for SDI, TDI, PADI, SSI, and EFR.


Go Professional

Are you already an Instructor, looking to grow your course offerings?  Triton Abyss Diving offers SSI XR Instructor courses in association with our Partner store, Virginia Scuba in Manassas, VA.  We offer instructor courses in both VA & FL to meet your training needs.



Diver testimonials

JOHN K., SSI Tec Diver:  Triton is a great shop to do business with. Rachel is a great instructor. She is very thorough and effective with a great attitude. My experience with Triton is with Tech diving and if you are looking for a perfect instructor, Triton is certainly at the top of the list. 

DAVE M., PADI Rescue Diver:   I did my rescue diver course with Rachel, and will be doing several TDI tech courses with her in the next year. She goes well beyond the course content, with additional ideas and explanations. Best instructor ever. 

JOSH H, PADI & TDI Tec Diver:   Rachel is awesome! Check her out for your class and tech diving needs! 

NORM F., OW Diver:  Recently, I had the privilege of completing my PADI Open Water Diver Certification with Triton Abyss Diving.  The experience met and exceeded all of my expectations.  Rachel is an incredible, knowledgeable and very experienced diver.  She provided timely and detailed instruction.  Her calming demeanor and patience were invaluable throughout the course.  I'm planning on getting my wife and ten year old daughter certified.  Without reservation, I will trust Rachel with the certification process.

SETH L., TEC Diver:  I took a Foundational Tech Diving course with Rachel when she was at a previous dive shop. She is my all-time favorite scuba instructor and an awesome person too. I recommend her for anyone interested in scuba instruction.

Jim T., Divemaster:  This had to be one of my all time best training experiences. The staff were consummate professionals, supportive, and accommodating as I worked through the Divemaster certification course. Everything felt as though it was customized to fit me, my abilities, and my demanding schedule. I never felt more enabled to learn and demo my own abilities. Thank you Triton Abyss!

 Jennifer B., Avid Diver and Traveler:  We've been diving with Triton Abyss Diving for what seems like forever! And we will continue to do so as they are always professional, knowledgeable, friendly and fantastic to dive with. We've booked local and long distance dives with them and they NEVER disappoint. Can't wait for our next trip to Truk Lagoon and Hawaii with them! 

NORM F., Specialty Diver:  Recently completed my Enriched Air Diver course with Triton Abyss, Rachel.  This is the third course I have taken through Triton Abyss.  Rachel is an amazing instructor with the patience and knowledge to ensure a successful completion. I highly recommend anyone interested in diving from beginners to technical divers to check out Triton Abyss. 


Dive Travel, News, & FAQs



Aug 29 - Sept 4, 2020:  Juliet Liveaboard to Bahamas:  $1,690.00

We'll depart from Miami, so no international flights are needed!  Our diving will begin in Bimini with a sail to Orange Cay, stopping at multiple dive sites along the way.  We’ll continue south along the edge of the Grand Bahama Bank deep into Santaren Channel.  These remote sites are visited exclusively by Juliet passengers, and host an abundance of life.  

What’s included:  6 nights of double occupancy accommodations, 5 days of diving, three hot meals per day, snacks, desserts, and beverages, including alcohol if desired.  Tanks, weights, fishing, and spearfishing gear! 

Coming soon:  Details about FL Tec Week 2020, plus Hawaii diving & sight seeing adventures!


Coming soon:  Details about Tec Week 2021, Turks & Caicos Liveaboard, and Cozumel, Mexico travel!


Feb 5 - 12, 2022:  Truk Lagoon aboard the Odyssey Liveaboard:  

$TBD - will be announced in early 2020

You don't want to miss this trip!  We'll be traveling around the globe to dive in Chuuk, part of the Federated States of Micronesia.  In In 1944, over the course of two days, United States Operation Hailstone sent over 100 Imperial Japanese Fleet ships, planes, and submarines to the bottom of the sea in an effort to stall their supply of war materials and logistical support to central and south Pacific.  Most ships went down with their full cargo and crew, creating a remarkable and humbling underwater museum.

There is no better way to experience Chuuk than a Liveaboard.  Diving is as easy as stepping off the back of the boat - no lugging gear back and forth. The Odyssey supports open circuit or rebreather, recreational, or technical, with options for air, nitrox, or helium, and up to 5 dives per day, you can fully customize your experience on this incredible trip.  

Pricing will be available in in early 2020.  Aboard the Odyssey, each air conditioned stateroom has a private en suite, TV, DVD player, and a charging station for your electronics.  Your adventure will include:  All accommodations, diving, nitrox, use of tanks (single or doubles, plus deco bottle and stage hardware if needed), all meals, snacks, desserts, and beverages:  water, soda, juice, beer, wine, liquor.     

Latest Travel Updates

We just booked Truk Lagoon 2022!  Check out our travel section for details.

 Call or email to book:  703-310-9704; info@tritonabyss.com  

Recreational Diving News

 After a great first run in May 2019, we received numerous requests for a return trip aboard the Juliet Liveaboard.  If you are looking for an affordable dive adventure off the beaten path, with lots of relaxing dive time in 60-80 depth ranges, check out our Bimini trip on the Juliet, Aug 29 - Sept 4, 2020.  

Call or email to book:  703-310-9704; info@tritonabyss.com  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What classes do you teach?

A:  Our course offerings include:  

  • TDI Advanced Trimix, Trimix/Extended Range, Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures, Intro to Tec
  • SSI XR Hypoxic Trimix, Technical Extended Range w/ Trimix, Extended Range w/ or w/o Trimix, Extended Range Nitrox, Foundations
  • SSI XR Extended Range Instructor Courses (Instructor-level certifications) for XR Foundations, Extended Range Nitrox, Extended Range, Gas Blender
  • PADI Tec Trimix, Tec Trimix 65, Tec 50, Tec 45, Tec 40
  • Emergency First Response Instructor-level and participant-level courses for CPR, AED, first aid
  • Dozens of Specialty courses from PADI, SDI, and SSI
  • Entry-level scuba certification from SDI & PADI

Q:  How do I become a diver?

A:  It's easy!  Our experts will guide you through every step of the way.  Just give us a call or shoot us an email to let us know what you're looking for and what your availability is for this course.  We'll do the rest.  info@tritobabyss.com

Q:  What equipment will I need?

A:  Want to be a scuba diver?  Breathing underwater requires specialty equipment.  Below is a list of basic scuba diving gear every diver needs.  Your scuba instructor will talk to you about what's right for you, then we will connect you with a local dive shop to pick up all of your scuba diving equipment.

  • Scuba mask (must have tempered glass)
  • Dive fins and boots
  • Buoyancy Control Device (traditional, or wing and harness)
  • Scuba regulators
  • Dive computer  (depth and timing device)
  • Wetsuit

Q:  Do you rent scuba gear?

A:  We do have a selection of Technical and Recreational equipment available for our students to use.  We do not rent outside of course use.

Q:  What equipment do you sell?   

A:  We sell accessories, such as Kraken Dive Lights, EEZYCUT cutting tools, and an array of tools used for Visual Inspection Procedures (VIP).  Since we specialize in training and travel to customers all over the world, we do not stock scuba equipment locally.  However, we are always happy to provide a recommendation local to your area.  Give us a call and we'll help you out.  


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